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Online Dating: Five Ways to Improve Your Chances

By Charles L. Jackson

I’ve written plenty of articles about how to improve your chances of online dating success. And so you might be wondering  - is there is anything new to be said about the topic?

Actually there is. And while it may seem simply ‘common sense’, it is nevertheless useful and valuable to go over the basics. By that I mean, the basic things you need to get right - if you want to succeed at the online dating.

So while what you’ll read here is ‘nothing new’, I’m going to present it in a new way.

One: Be Interesting
You meet someone in real life, maybe at a party. What sort of people do you want to get to know better? Well, maybe it’s the attractive ones - the pretty, the handsome.
But in many cases, it’s people who are interesting. And ‘interesting’ has many forms: humor, intelligence, similar interests, and so on.

So your job is to create an online dating profile that it really interesting. Not a profile that is average, and like everyone else’s. You are unlikely to get noticed if you have just an average profile.

So make your profile be about the parts of you that you’d like others to notice. Mention things about yourself, and your life, that are interesting and might be conversation starters. Maybe you have a hobby or passion that others might be interested in?

Two: Be Unique
A bit like the point I made above. The key is to stand out from the crowd. Catch someone’s eye. People browse dating site profiles at high speed, so you only have maybe 3-5 seconds to get someone’s interest when they’re browsing gofishdating.com.

So your headline, your photo, and the first sentences of your profile have to be of a certain eye-catching quality.

Choose a photo that is sharp, recent, and friendly. Not blurred, crooked, and taken from fifty feet away. The idea here is to give an impression that you’ve got charisma and charm, and that you’re a ‘good catch’. The way to do this is to have an appealing photo and a headline that attracts attention.

Three: Be Creative
Creativity is rare, and valued. A creative person is interesting and often is someone others would like to get to know. A creative person expresses themselves in a unique and interesting way - maybe they are funny, artistic or unusual in some way.

So think of your profile along these lines. Add a dash of creativity by having a photo of yourself that is both flattering and out of the ordinary. And be creative when you send someone a message, particularly for the first time. Don’t stick with ‘Hi, how r u?’

What about ‘Hi, saw that you’re a big fan of chocolate! Guess what? So am I :-)’ Well, maybe that’s a bit lame. But you get the general idea.

Four: Be Yourself
People can spot fakes a mile off. So if you apply any of the things mentioned here, just remember to be true to yourself, and not pretend to be someone else. Sometimes it might seem easy to post a fake photo - e.g. a photo of when you were much younger, or of someone else.

That might get some interest, but ultimately people will be annoyed that you’ve lied to them. Better to be honest, engaging and true to yourself right from the beginning. People appreciate authenticity.

Five: Be Persistent
This is perhaps my number one piece of advice to online daters. It’s what ultimately led me to find the right partner - someone I eventually married! I’d been looking at online dating sites for about a year, and was about to give up. I decided to switch off the ‘show photo’ option in my search results. And instead find someone who wrote a funny and interesting profile.

And I persisted and after a while found someone special. I was tempted many times to give up. But persistence paid off, and it may provide you with a reward as well. But there are no guarantees!